Our Product

qbilon directly addresses IT decision makers. Our product supports you with fundamental IT decisions in your company.

Automatic Capturing

qbilon automatically captures data from connected sources and merges it into a consistent overall picture. As part of this process, potential data conflicts and inconsistencies can be intuitively resolved in advance.

Complete Picture

Due to the flexible integration of a wide variety of data, e.g. from third-party software, databases or exports, qbilon provides a comprehensive picture of all relevant IT assets such as physical and virtual servers or IT services.

In Real-Time

qbilon shows a live picture of your IT landscape with all dependencies among the captured IT assets. Individually configurable update intervals ensure that the displayed information always corresponds to the current IT status.

Individual Evaluation

Every IT landscape is different. qbilon provides an individual representation and evaluation. Customizable views, filter mechanisms, overview tables and diagrams show exactly the IT assets and properties that are crucial for the realization of your specific goals.

Benefit from qbilon

Transform your IT landscape efficiently and increase the robustness
of your critical IT services.

Cost savings

with IT transformation: Finally evaluate and optimize your IT in a goal-oriented way – quick, easy and future-proof.

Staff efficiency

with automation: Relieve your staff from cumbersome IT documentation and reduce your employees’ workload significantly.


of critical IT services: Improve the stability and security of your IT landscape and avoid costly outages.


qbilon is modular and easily expandable: application areas, usage scenarios and concrete examples can be found here.


The licensing of qbilon is based on a subscription model. The specific prices depend on your individual IT situation.