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Find out how KTR Systems uses Qbilon and PRTG

“I see Qbilon as a strategic investment – because data on its own is just data, but Qbilon tells me what to do with it,” so Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT at KTR Systems. […] “Qbilon is basically business intelligence for my IT department.”

Initial situation

KTR Systems is an internationally operating mechanical engineering company. With 25 subsidiaries spread all over the world, a key challenge is to keep track of the overall IT at the headquarters and the subsidiaries. At the same time, it is very important to minimize the staff workload for IT documentation. Facing an enormous additional effort to keep the existing IT documentation up to date, too little personnel resources for data maintenance would inevitably lead to an insufficient up-to-dateness.


The data from three of KTR Systems’ tools was merged to capture the IT landscape. The data is linked via the assigned IP addresses or the host name depending on availability. Detailed information about the IT at the headquarters is obtained mainly via the virtualization platform vSphere. This data is enriched with communication information from the cyber defense software “Darktrace” and the network monitoring tool “PRTG”. In particular, the latter two helped to reconstruct the IT infrastructure of the subsidiaries.


“Right from the first contact, the potential of Qbilon became immediately clear to me; the high manual effort for classic EAM approaches can be significantly reduced while simultaneously increasing the reliability of the captured data. Therefore, we were happy to support the development during the last years and already gained important insights into our system landscape.”

Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT (KTR Systems)

Automated IT landscape documentation

Significantly reduced effort for IT documentation

Qbilon enables a complete overview of the IT – both at the headquarters as well as the international subsidiaries. Due to the automatic synchronization of data, the documentation is always up to date.

Planning support for the replacement of legacy systems

By capturing all existing dependencies, it is very easy to reduce the amount of unwanted side effects and unexpected efforts within migration projects. By employing an extensive dependency graph, all direct and indirect asset connections can be quickly visualized.

Automated report generation for internal and external audits

Based on the recorded information about existing servers and their communication relations, reports about the existing IT infrastructure and interfaces are generated automatically. Thus, personnel effort and time can be saved.

A sincere partnership

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