Security management

Security vulnerabilities are a major reason for server outages, data loss or unauthorized access resulting in high additional costs and reputational damage for the company. With Qbilon, you can efficiently monitor security risks in order to identify and prevent emerging issues early.

Avoid security gaps before they lead to serious problems!

Find hidden vulnerabilities
In-time alerting
Conformity with security standards
Keep your IT up-to-date

… and many more!

Transparency is the key to gain a high IT security level

Security is a very diverse topic. It’s obvious that you can only protect what you know. And even a security vulnerability at a seemingly non-critical point can ultimately have a disastrous impact on highly critical areas. Thus, having full transparency for existing assets and their dependencies is essential to evaluate security risks and to decide on appropriate actions. Using the built-in architecture mining approach, Qbilon enables you to efficiently identify potential security weaknesses and to take countermeasures early.

Identify security vulnerabilities
Monitor security risks
Analyze attack pathways

Benefits of security management with Qbilon

Get full transparency

Effective security management needs an up-to-date IT landscape model. Knowing about all existing assets and their dependencies enables you to quickly evaluate risks and decide about the most suitable actions to be taken.

Spot indirect & unknown dependencies

IT dependencies are crucial for the actual impact of security incidents. The variety of data sources in Qbilon ensures that all dependencies are captured and considered within analyses – even indirect and previously unknown ones.

Keep risks under control

Views and reports are always up-to-date. This allows to implement a perfectly fitting risk monitoring. Create views and reports that cover your risks and put them in a dashboard. Qbilon keeps them up to date automatically.


Custom security reports

Create reports that summarize all security- relevant facts and quickly evaluate them by conditional coloring. They are updated automatically and can be used for all types of internal and external reporting.

Get started with Qbilon and make your IT landscape more secure, more efficient and clearer

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