Qbilon Ultimate

Qbilon Ultimate is THE tool for automatically building IT architecture models and analyzing them. Using architecture mining, Qbilon creates a comprehensive model of the IT landscape which then serves as always up-to-date knowledge basis.

Drawing on that, powerful and highly flexible reporting mechanisms like tables, charts and graphs make the analysis, optimization and governance of IT landscapes a breeze.

Features of Qbilon Ultimate

Automatic data update and easy integration

Qbilon enables the integration of existing data sources with just a few clicks. In most cases, only credentials and a target host are required to set up a new data source. Just select your preferred data update interval and Qbilon will do the rest automatically.

Best practice reports and views

After initially importing data, Qbilon suggests a set of best practice reports and views. These provide you with immediately available information, analyses and quick improvement measures in order to efficiently optimize your IT landscape regarding costs and security.

Custom dashboards

Qbilon offers the creation of reports geared to your individual needs. It’s possible to create charts, graphs and table reports. The most important ones can easily be combined into a dashboard which then provides you with up-to-date information about your IT landscape.

Powerful graph views

The heart of Qbilon are graph views. Graphs are the best way to understand dependencies, to quickly get an overview and to obtain detailed knowledge. Different layout algorithms, custom filters and neighborhood analyses enable you to quickly find your way.

Data analytics for your needs

Explore and analyze your data in Qbilon using adaptive data preparation mechanisms. In addition, color rules and data constraints can be applied in all views and reports. They allow the specification of analysis rules depending on the values of the captured properties. 

Detailed dependency analysis

The integration and merging of different data sources enables meaningful dependency analyses – from high level assets like organizational units, products or applications down to infrastructure elements like corresponding cloud services or your on-premises VMs.

Example use cases for Qbilon Ultimate

Architecture mining is the foundation for all use cases. It enables the creation of a complete and up-to-date architecture model that stays current by itself. This approach is based on automatic data import and powerful data fusion strategies.

Architecture Management

Support projects and transformations with up-to-date data about dependencies.

Cloud Cost Management

Find unused or oversized resources and optimize the costs incurred by your IT landscape.

Cloud Visibility

Increase the transparency in your cloud landscape with Qbilon.

Continuous Reporting

Easily create custom reports that are automatically kept up-to-date.

IT Governance

Automate the monitoring of goals, risks, policies and architecture patterns.

Security Management

Identify security weaknesses, monitor existing security risks and find hidden vulnerabilities.

Why Qbilon Ultimate?

Reduce manual effort

Reduce the time your employees are busy with creating and maintaining the IT documentation, or with searching for failure causes. Use the saved time to finally focus on your core tasks like transformation and innovation.

Reduce on-prem & cloud costs

Effectively lower the costs incurred by on-prem  assets and cloud resources. Qbilon enables you to increase cost efficiency by easily identifying unnecessary cost drivers and quickly optimizing your cloud assets deployment.

Full transparency

Automatic data capturing ensures an always up-to-date information basis. The analysis mechanism can also be used to validate the completeness of a landscape model and to uncover potential data integrity weaknesses.

More stability in IT operations

Knowing which IT assets actually exist and how they are connected with each other is crucial to quickly find causes of failures. Besides, it’s the optimal foundation to avoid outages and make your IT more resilient.


Keep risks under control

Use the powerful reports and analyses within Qbilon to automate your governance tasks. Configurable views allow to easily monitor critical issues regarding individual security needs and organizational policies.

Stay flexible

A complete and up-to-date documentation enables a faster and more flexible staff onboarding. This counters the risks of staff turnover and skilled worker shortage. On top of that, associated efforts and costs are reduced.

Want to see Qbilon in action?

The foundation – architecture mining

The automation of capturing and merging data is crucial to minimize personnel requirements and increase data quality. This can be achieved with architecture mining. By using the data of from existing sources in your company, e.g., monitoring software, CMDBs, service managements tools or security solutions, it’s possible to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date model of the actual IT landscape. Such a model includes detailed information like software versions and performance data and allows to create reports on higher abstraction levels that show, e.g., applications and products. This is what makes up the power and uniqueness of Qbilon.

architecture mining = automated data import + powerful fusion strategies