Qbilon Cloud

Qbilon Cloud is a light-weight, SaaS-only version of Qbilon. It’s built for use with cloud platforms and provides connectors for AWS and MS Azure and MS Entra ID.

It features predefined evaluation dashboards for a quick assessment of your cloud landscape regarding costs and security.

Features of Qbilon Cloud

Automatic data update and easy integration

Qbilon enables the integration of existing data sources with just a few clicks. In most cases, only credentials and a target host are required to set up a new data source. Just select your preferred data update interval and qbilon will do the rest automatically.

Best practice reports and views

After initially importing data, Qbilon suggests a set of best practice reports and views. These provide you with immediately available information, analyses and quick improvement measures in order to efficiently optimize your IT landscape regarding costs and security.

Custom dashboards

Qbilon offers the creation of reports geared to your individual needs. It’s possible to create charts, graphs and table reports. The most important ones can easily be combined into a dashboard which then provides you with up-to-date information about your IT landscape.

Powerful graph views on your data

The heart of Qbilon are graph views. Graphs are the best way to understand dependencies, to quickly get an overview and to obtain detailed knowledge. Different layout algorithms, custom filters and neighborhood analyses enable you to quickly find your way.

Data analytics to your needs

Explore and analyze your data in Qbilon using adaptive data preparation mechanisms. In addition, color rules and data constraints can be applied in all views and reports. They allow the specification of analysis rules depending on the values of the captured properties.

Detailed dependency analysis

The integration and merging of different data sources enables meaningful dependency analyses – from high level assets like organizational units, products or applications down to infrastructure elements like corresponding cloud services or your on-premises VMs.

Example use cases for Qbilon Cloud

Architecture mining is the foundation for all use cases. It enables the creation of a complete and up-to-date architecture model that stays current by itself. This approach is based on automatic data import and powerful data fusion strategies.

Cloud Cost Management

Find unused or oversized resources and optimize the costs incurred by your IT landscape.

Cloud Visibility

Increase the transparency in your cloud landscape with Qbilon.

Security Management

Identify security weaknesses, monitor existing security risks and find hidden vulnerabilities.

Why Qbilon Cloud?

Get transparency across providers

Within only a few minutes, Qbilon captures your cloud landscapes from different providers and integrates all existing accounts into one coherent, easily analyzable information basis.

Relieve and empower your employees

Relieve your staff from tedious tasks. Qbilon automates the creation and maintenance of an user-friendly documentation. This enables even non-cloud experts to quickly get an overview.

Monitor your policies, goals and risks

Qbilon’s powerful and highly flexible view generation allows you to create exactly those views and reports that are essential for monitoring on an architectural level.

Save money – immediately

For an easy start, Qbilon provides best practice reports and views. They highlight common shortcomings regarding cost savings and allow to save money immediately.

Evaluate with valuable context

Qbilon captures all “tags” that are provided with cloud elements. They are directly available in all views and analyses as filterable and assessable element properties.

Avoid security leaks

Qbilon provides ready-to-use solutions for the most common security gaps in cloud landscapes. This way, a security assessment is available immediately after the first data import.

Want to see Qbilon in action?

Easy to handle overview for all cloud landscapes

In order to make the most out of your cloud transformation, full transparency regarding active resources and their configuration is necessary. Qbilon is a user-friendly and instantly ready-to-use tool for this use case. With just one click, you can import data from several cloud accounts and obtain ONE architectural model. Using the standard views and reports, you can start optimizing your cloud landscape immediately. The powerful report and view generation mechanisms enable a variety of use cases. Among them are monitoring of policies and risks as well as the identification of cost savings. A major benefit is the assessment of your cloud landscape in context of organization-specific data which is provided within the tags. And the best thing is: everything is updated automatically.