Discover, understand, and optimize: Revolutionize your IT landscape with Qbilon

Qbilon is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly software that provides companies with a comprehensive overview of their IT landscape through architecture mining. The software creates detailed analyses and overviews of IT infrastructures.

Increase the transparency and security of your on-prem and cloud IT landscape
Optimise resources, costs and performance through targeted performance analysis
User-friendly and intuitive software solution
Easily scalable for growing requirements





5 reasons why IT experts rely on Qbilon

Automated documentation: Qbilon automates routine documentation tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Refined combined data: Systematic merging of data from different source systems and connection of different collectors in Qbilon.

Efficient future planning: Long-term planning of the IT landscape, controllable and optimally aligned with objectives.

Seamless Adaptability: Qbilon adapts to unique IT landscapes and is desined for any industry.

Quick installation and configuration: Gain initial insights into your IT landscape in less than two hours.

All the IT elements of your IT landscape
and their dependencies in one tool

Detailed dependency analyses for effective IT risk management and optimization.


Automatic documentation of your unique IT landscape

Supporting plentiful data sources and third-party systems

Generic interface for direct import of CSV and JSON files

Combined dashboards via various monitoring tools such as PRTG

Customised view of infrastructure nesting and dependencies from a different perspective

Easy configuration of analyses and views through a filter and analysis control system

Reducing time staff spends creating and maintaining IT documentation or troubleshooting problems.

Why Qbilon is your perfect solution

Clear picture of your IT landscape

  • Visualise your entire IT structure via IT mapping
  • Identify direct and indirect dependencies with advanced architecture mining for an optimised IT architecture
  • Create customised reports for a quick overview of key IT metrics

Maximise IT landscape security

  • Effectively identify vulnerabilities
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • Avoidance of shadow IT
  • Periodic checks for compliance with guidelines
  • Secure offline monitoring for sensitive areas

Optimise the usage of your resources

  • Increase performance, efficiency and resilience through analytics
  • Reduce IT and cloud costs through cost management
  • Identify unused assets and bottlenecks

Simple and scalable solution

  • Intuitive user interface that requires no expert knowledge
  • Flexible solution that grows with your company and adapts to your data
  • Automation of documentation and customised reporting

Get started with Qbilon and make your IT landscape more secure, more efficient and clearer

Flexible subscription licensing that grows with your IT landscape

With our flexible subscription license, you only pay for what you need. 

Annual subscription

Subscriptions start with a 1-year term at a price of € 4,499 elements. The number of elements can be flexibly adjusted each year.

Transparent licensing

You know exactly what you’re paying. And if you go over your limit, you pay the annual average for the additional usage above your limit.

Maintenance included

Each license includes all features and maintenance to keep your software optimised, secure, and up to date.


Cloud and on-prem data connectors  Fusion of cloud and on-prem data  Unlimited graph and table views  Self hosted or SaaS*

*Additional costs are incurred when operated as SaaS. For more information, please contact sales.

Success stories

If you’d like to know more about how our customers have benefited from our products and services, we have some great stories that show you how we’ve made a difference in their lives.

KTR Systems’ experience with Qbilon and PRTG

„Together, PRTG and Qbilon help us tremendously with the mapping of our infrastructure, processes, and technical dependencies. We‘ve been using Qbilon with our PRTG monitoring since 2019, and I‘m a firm backer of this product. […] I see Qbilon as a strategic investment – because data on its own is just data, but Qbilon tells me what to do with it,” so Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT at KTR Systems. […] “Qbilon is basically business intelligence for my IT department.”

Frequently asked questions

What is Qbilon?

Qbilon is a graph analytics and automation platform for hybrid IT landscapes. It automatically merges all IT-relevant data into a comprehensive overview picture. Thus, individual evaluation and optimization are enabled resulting in significantly less workload, lower costs and increased security.

How does Qbilon differ from products in the area of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Application Performance Monitoring/Management (APM)?

Existing solutions usually require time-consuming manual data entry, store data according to a fixed schema in proprietary formats and are not able to create a coherent overall picture of the IT landscape.

In contrast, Qbilon relies on a high degree of automation when capturing data, which is then stored in a flexible schema and without the threat of vendor lock-in. This allows all information to be efficiently merged into a constantly up-to-date and consistent overall picture of the IT landscape.

What is an element or (IT) asset?

“Elements” or “assets” are all separately captured “building blocks” that are shown in the comprehensive IT overview picture, e.g., server instances, applications, IT services, departments or personnel responsibilities.

Which data sources and application data can be captured with Qbilon?

Basically, any third-party software can be connected, as long as it has a documented Web API (e.g., ReST or SOAP) and provides its data in a standardized format (a structured form).

For example, the following data sources can be directly connected without any customization effort:
cloud platforms like AWS and Azure (including Azure Active Directory),
virtualization software such as vSphere,
integration platforms like ServiceNow and Orchestra (soffico),
monitoring tools like PRTG and Darktrace as well as
– any CSV and JSON exports via our file importers.

A listing of currently supported data sources can be found here.

Does the software run on premises or as a cloud/SaaS service?

Qbilon can be provided as cloud-based software-as-a-service solution or as (containerized) on-prem version for the deployment within your company’s local IT landscape.

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