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Benefit from the advantages of an automatically captured IT landscape right now.
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product demo  3-month free license  20% off the following 9 months

qbilon graphically displays all of your IT assets and their dependencies in just a few steps and in an automated way.
Be able to counteract unnecessary costs and risks of your IT landscape in no time.

reduce your
documentation effort by

up to 80%

audit reports

in seconds

previously undiscovered
sources of risk and costs can be


up to 80%

reduce your
documentation effort

in seconds

audit reports


previously undiscovered
sources of risk and costs can be

What if you would be able to display your cloud IT landscape fully automatically at a glance?
What if you would be able to get suggestions for cutting costs and fixing security vulnerabilities?


SaaS version to connect & optimize your cloud services

qbilonCLOUD provides connectors for AWS and Azure and captures all data in no time. To help you optimize your costs and security of your cloud landscape, qbilonCLOUD provides predefined evaluation dashboards crossing all provider and account boundaries. Instantly get:

full transparency of
your cloud landscape
across all providers

the ability to monitor
policies, goals, and

an assessment
of your resources
with useful context

immediate suggestions
for remediation of
security risks

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A sincere Partnership

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The premium version for optimizing your entire IT landscape

 You want to get an overview of your entire IT landscape?
– That’s why we developed qbilonULTIMATE.

qbilonULTIMATE is THE tool for an automatic creation of IT architecture models and their analysis & optimization.
With the help of Architecture Mining, qbilon creates a detailed model of your IT landscape, acting as an up-to-date knowledge base.

Create powerful and highly flexible views such as tables, charts as well as graphs and make analysis and optimization a breeze.

Architecture Management

Cloud Cost Management

Continuous Reporting

IT Governance

Security Management

Graph Analytics

product demo   3-month free license   20% off the following 9 months

product demo

3-month free license

20% off the following 9 months

Full Transparency for Your Hybrid IT Landscape within 3 Weeks 

  • Initial implementation
  • First insights into your IT landscape
  • Initial analyses and optimization proposals
  • Software customization
  • Data fusion optimization
  • Customization of views, reports and analyses to meet your requirements
  • Implementation of enhancements and additional use cases
  • Go-Live & workshop for all stakeholders


“Right from the first contact, the potential of qbilon became immediately clear to me; the high manual effort for classic EAM approaches can be significantly reduced while simultaneously increasing the reliability of the captured data. Therefore, we were happy to support the development during the last years and already gained important insights into our system landscape.”

Olaf Korbanek, Head of IT (KTR Systems)