We have developed a three-step process – from kickoff to customization to go-live – through which you see results for your hybrid IT landscape from day one.

Full transparency for your hybrid IT landscape within 3 weeks

  • Initial implementation
  • First insights into your IT landscape
  • Initial analyses and optimization proposals
  • Software customization
  • Data fusion optimization
  • Customization of views, reports and analyses to meet your requirements
  • Implementation of enhancements and additional use cases
  • Go-Live & workshop for all stakeholders



Week 1

In the first week we will start with a kickoff meeting to gain a common understanding of your goals and expectations for Qbilon.

First week’s goal is on the one hand to introduce you to the Qbilon software, to get an understanding of your use cases and the handover of information material. On the other hand, we’ll go through the initial implementation and connect your data to Qbilon Ultimate – so you will already get an initial overview of your IT landscape.


Empowerment to use Qbilon & its basic functions


Initial overview of your IT landscape data


Prioritization of your most important use cases



Week 2

In the second week we fully dedicate ourselves to the customization of Qbilon Ultimate to your requirements – based on your feedback from the first week.

Second week’s goal is to ensure a smooth merging of all data and to perfectly adapt views, reports and dashboards to your individual requirements.


Customization of already existing features to your requirements


Data fusion optimization and customization of your views, reports and analyses


Clarification of open questions and requirements



Week 3

In the third week we make final software adjustments so that all users can harness the full potential of qbilon.

Third week’s goal is to provide all customized connectors and to fine tune your individual views and reports. The final step is a workshop for the onboarding of all stakeholders.


All data can be analyzed & important use cases are available


Software is all set up and can be used by all stakeholders


Final workshop and enablement for additional users

Personal approach

Full transparency is the basis for thorough strategic planning. This is what our product provides for your IT landscape. Furthermore, transparency also serves as guiding principle for our onboarding process and all phases of your Customer Life Journey with us.

The free demo will give you a comprehensive overview of our products and features. After the onboarding process, we will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise: You can contact us any time via our ticket system, e-mail, phone or in person.