IT governance

Wouldn‘t it be great to have a dashboard with all your key IT performance measures, or to see the live status of your internal policies? With qbilon you can build your IT governance process upon an always up to date architectural model of your IT landscape. Create individual reports to monitor your risks and policies or use one of our best practice reports for a quick start.

Want to know how it works?

Integrate data sources with all relevant information

Connect qbilon with software that is already in use. Initially, available data is automatically imported. Afterwards the data is connected across data sources yielding a complete and up-to-date model of the IT landscape.

Create views to capture risks and policies

Adapt or create charts, table reports or graph views that reflect the status of your goals, risks and policies. Use color indicators to quickly evaluate your landscape, decide on appropriate actions to be taken or to assess new options. Reports and views are automatically kept up-to-date.

Create dashboards or use predefined ones

Put all essential reports and views into one dashboard to obtain a single access point for your daily overview. Thereby you can effortless derive important actions to be tackled. For an easier start, Qbilon is shipped with useful standard views and reports.

Share views and reports with responsible persons

Once perfectly fitting reports and views for your goals and risks are created, they can easily be shared with everyone. This way, responsible owners are effectively are supported in fulfilling their tasks in a targeted manner.

Automate IT governance tasks with Qbilon

IT landscapes are in a constant state of change. In order to ensure that changes are always aligned with overall goals and strategies, it’s vital to establish an IT governance process resting on a solid and up-to-date information basis. True to the motto “you cannot control what you cannot measure”, suitable measuring tools are essential. Qbilon allows you to establish efficient measurements based on a complete and up-to-date information basis of your IT landscape. Combining the IT assets’ technical properties with information on higher levels enables the automation of risk management, policy monitoring and IT performance measurement.

Risk management automation
Policy monitoring
IT performance measurement

Benefits of IT governance with Qbilon

Monitor your IT performance measures

Automate your performance monitoring. Qbilon informs you about measurement data exceeding or falling below configured thresholds.

Reliable data for decision making

Qbilon’s data is updated according to time intervals set by you. Thus, every view and report will always reflect the actual situation. 

Keep risks under control

Tracking your risk status is easy with Qbilon. Employing specific filters and analyses enables you to quickly spot currently vulnerable assets.

More time for the essential work

With your architecture documentation created and updated automatically, you finally have time for core tasks and innovative work.

Increase transparency of business IT

Connect business information with IT data to benefit from full transparency regarding the dependencies among all of your assets.


Reports perfectly fitting your use cases

Every report can be customized to meet your exact needs, whether it’s a new table column or a color rule depending on multiple conditions.

Get started with Qbilon and make your IT landscape more secure, more efficient and clearer

What else can you do with Qbilon?

Architecture Management

Support projects and transformations with up-to-date data about dependencies.

Continuous Reporting

Easily create custom reports that are automatically kept up-to-date.

Security Management

Identify security weaknesses, monitor existing security risks and find hidden vulnerabilities.