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The effort required to set up and manage cloud environments can be quite a task. Gaining cloud visibility is challenging enough with just a single cloud. However, in hybrid or multi-cloud settings, organizations often find themselves confined to examining each cloud’s workload independently. Despite this, it is crucial to possess the capability to oversee all cloud environments through a unified platform.

Complex and hybrid cloud environments with various cloud providers can lead to challenges like:

Pinpointing potential problems and opportunities in the cloud environment often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Finding the decisive cost factors within a rapidly inflating cloud bill is an intricate and tedious task.

Excessive time spent on manual documentation can divert valuable resources away from more important tasks.

Qbilon Cloud is your professional cloud visibility solution which helps you getting an overview of your cloud resources.

Full control over your cloud

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud infrastructure and the dependencies between all of your cloud assets, making it easier to identify potential issues before they escalate and lead to severe problems.

Improved cost efficiency

Qbilon Cloud allows you to keep a close eye on your cloud bill, ensuring a high cost efficiency and helps you reduce your costs by making it quick and easy to identify cost drivers.

Automated documentation

Manual documentation becomes a task of the past. Qbilon Cloud automates this process, frees up time as well as resources and ensures always up-to-date information.

Powerful and autogenerated graph views

Get full visibility of your cloud landscape via architecture graph views perfectly adapted to your needs due to diverse layout algorithms, custom filters and neighborhood analyses.

Integration of AWS, Azure, MS Entra ID, Kubernetes & CSV imports

Enable the integration of AWS, Azure, Microsoft Entra ID (formely Azure AD), Kubernetes and CSV imports with just a few clicks and get access to reports on resources, regions, storage, security, and costs.

Custom dashboards

Combine your most important reports into an individual dashboard which provides you with up-to-date information about your IT landscape. Keep track of costs, security and responsibilities with high-level overviews and detailed information.

Predefined reports and views

Start with predefined views and share your insights with entire teams or certain stakeholders. Easily create image exports for graphs or excel exports for tabular reports. Save time, energy, and reduce error risks.

Visualize your cloud landscapes from several perspectives

With Qbilon Cloud you are able to organize your cloud landscape just by using tags and naming conventions: either by team, product, feature or organization unit.
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Qbilon Cloud FAQs

What is Qbilon Cloud?

Qbilon Cloud is a professional cloud visibility solution designed to help you gain a comprehensive overview of your cloud resources. It automates the documentation process, offers detailed insights into your cloud services and infrastructure, and assists in managing costs more efficiently.

Can Qbilon Cloud help optimize cloud costs?

Yes, Qbilon Cloud enables you to closely monitor your cloud bill, ensuring cost-efficiency and helping you reduce costs. It offers insights to better understand your expenses and assists in identifying areas for potential savings.

How does Qbilon Cloud improve cloud visibility?

Qbilon Cloud enhances cloud visibility by offering autogenerated graph views, enabling a clear view of your cloud landscape. It integrates multiple platforms, including AWS, Azure, MS Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Kubernetes, and CSV imports, providing access to detailed reports on resources, regions, storage, cloud security, and costs.

Does Qbilon Cloud support multiple cloud environments?

Yes, Qbilon Cloud is designed to work seamlessly in hybrid or multi-cloud settings. Despite the complexities of these environments, Qbilon Cloud allows organizations to oversee all cloud environments through a unified platform, rather than examining each cloud’s workload independently.

What else can you do with Qbilon?

Cloud Cost Management

Find unused or oversized resources and optimize the costs incurred by your IT landscape.

Continuous Reporting

Easily create custom reports that are automatically kept up-to-date.

Security Management

Identify security weaknesses, monitor existing security risks and find hidden vulnerabilities.

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