Cloud cost management

With regard to the ever-increasing share of cloud assets in IT landscapes, cost control is indispensable. At some point, you will wonder about the amount of cloud costs and where exactly they are incurred. At this moment, you need full transparency for all resources in the cloud.

Finally gain an overview of …

... your total cloud costs
... main cost drivers
... costs per resource group
... your resource groups in detail
... costs per resource type
... costs broke down to resource level

… and many more!

Set up FinOps with Qbilon

Cloud migration is an important topic in most organizations. When more and more IT assets are migrated to cloud providers, keeping an overview of costs and implementing cost optimizations is becoming increasingly difficult. FinOps is an approach helping organizations to make the most out of their cloud initiative. For this purpose, concepts like resource ownerships, accessible reports for everyone, business value driven decisions and many more are established. The combination of cloud architecture with business information within Qbilon increases the transparency of the cost structure. Additionally, powerful reports and views are perfect means  to monitor and illustrate cost-related issues.

Easy cloud migration
Cost overview
Cost optimization

Benefits of cloud cost management with Qbilon

Identify hidden cost drivers

Forgot to shut down unused disks? Surprised by  data transfer costs between cloud regions? Qbilon provides full transparency for your IT landscape’s costs and cost drivers.

Consider costs from many perspectives

Monitor your cloud costs on different levels of abstraction – from whole accounts down to single resources. Differentiate according to departments, applications and services. 

Ensure an efficient use of resources

Use your cloud resources efficiently by optimizing the cost-benefit ratio with Qbilon. Gain knowledge about your resources by combining cost data with usage metrics. 

Custom cost reports

Create reports that summarize all cost-relevant facts and evaluate them by color rules. The reports are kept up to date automatically and can be used for internal and external reporting.

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