Qbilon Software Changelog

Read about new features, software enhancements and bug fixes in Qbilon’s software releases. You will also find tutorial videos for the most exciting new features and enhancements here.

Qbilon Version 2.2 (06-13-2024)

23  |  68

New features and enhancements

[FEATURE] Active Directory integration for SSO frontend

    • Introduction of on-premises Active Directory (AD) authentication capability for Qbilon’s Single Sign-On (SSO) frontend.
    • Enables seamless integration with on-premises AD environments, facilitating user authentication and management for organizations utilizing Qbilon.
    • Provides enhanced convenience and security for users, streamlining user management processes and ensuring alignment with existing on-premises infrastructure.
    • Customizable mapping feature allows users to associate AD security groups with corresponding roles in Qbilon, providing flexibility to adapt to varying organizational structures and naming conventions.

[FEATURE] Active Directory connector

    • Added a new data source to load users and user groups from a local Active Directory.
    • Implemented functionality to synchronize user data from Active Directory, thereby enabling visualization of users and security groups in a graph view.
    • Enabled automatic updates to keep user information up-to-date.

[FEATURE] Enhanced licensing control for non-billable elements

    • Implemented the ability to exclude certain element types from the total count of licensed elements, as specified by Qbilon.
    • Added clear indications within the meta model page to distinguish between billable and non-billable elements.
    • Updated the license information display and alert banners to explicitly show the status of non-billable elements and notify users when their element count is nearly full or has reached its limit.

[ENHANCEMENT] Improved property field placement

    • The new property field is now added at the top of the properties list in the sidebar.
    • Enhances user experience by ensuring the visibility of the property input field, especially in cases with numerous properties.
    • Resolves the issue of the scrollbar appearing misplaced within the properties table.

[ENHANCEMENT] Enhanced azure disk visualization

    • Azure disks within the default “Azure subscription overview” are now organized within their associated resource groups, improving visual clarity.
    • Introduces a “container” relation between Azure Resource Groups and Azure Disks, streamlining the overview presentation.
    • Addresses aesthetic concerns post-initial import, enhancing user experience, especially for scenarios like cloud demos.

[ENHANCEMENT] Improved view list pagination

    • Default setting for “Rows per page” in the view list increased.
    • “All” option removed to prevent potential performance issues and unnecessary navigation.
    • Enhances user workflow by reducing the need for frequent scrolling and navigation, particularly on screens with ample space.

[ENHANCEMENT] Improved default sorting in “Data Management” list

    • Upon navigating to “Data Management”, the list of entries (data sources and data consolidation tasks) now defaults to a comprehensible sorting order.
    • Eliminates user frustration associated with navigating through apparently random entry orders, improving overall workflow efficiency.

[ENHANCEMENT] Enhanced notification for missing relations in sidebar

    • Implemented text hints to indicate when a graph or table view lacks inclusion of relation types.
    • Enhanced user experience with logical feedback regarding missing relation types within the view definition.

[ENHANCEMENT] Redesigned notification system with Vuetify snackbar

    • Transitioned from a custom notification implementation to Vuetify Snackbar component for frontend notifications.
    • Improves user experience with a leaner, more reliable, and aesthetically pleasing notification system.

[ENHANCEMENT] Preserve temporary filters in shareable links

    • Implemented functionality to store temporary filter settings, including their activation state, when generating shareable links for graph views.
    • Ensures that temporary filters remain intact and visible upon reopening a shareable link, maintaining consistency between saved and visible states.
    • Enhances user experience by fulfilling the promise of preserving the current visible state when utilizing shareable links, thereby reducing discrepancies and improving usability.

[ENHANCEMENT] Implement intuitive row deselection in tables

    • Addressed issue where selected rows in tables cannot be deselected by clicking outside the table.
    • Implemented intuitive deselection functionality to allow users to clear selected rows easily.

[ENHANCEMENT] Enhanced flexibility with ServiceNow exporter constraints

    • Enhancement allowing users to define constraints within the ServiceNow exporter, specifying criteria for element selection.
    • Enables users to export only elements meeting specific conditions, such as having certain tags fulfilled or belonging to particular regions, enhancing customization options.
    • Improves user experience by providing greater control over exported data, ensuring only relevant elements are included.

Bug fixes

[FIXED] Resolved inconsistent color rules for relations

    • Ensured that activating or deactivating a color rule in graphs with containers now consistently applies the rules to all relevant relations and ensuring all conditions are uniformly met.

[FIXED] Fixed icon alignment issues

    • Corrected the vertical alignment of analysis rule icons to match the filter icons, now aligned to flex end for uniformity.

[FIXED] In-line editing for tables with empty values

    • Resolved errors occurring when editing empty values in-line within tables, ensuring smooth and error-free updates.
    • Empty values can now be edited and updated correctly without any issues.

[FIXED] Creation of temporary color rules in default table views

    • Fixed the creation of temporary color rules in default table views, ensuring functionality as expected, allowing for the correct application of temporary color rules.

[FIXED] Empty name-giving property in element creation

    • Updated the manual element creation dialog to require a value for the name-giving property, preventing the creation of elements with empty names.
    • Ensured that users cannot bypass entering a value for the essential name-giving property during element creation.

[FIXED] TaskTrigger is null

    • Addressed a null pointer exception by handling cases where TaskTrigger is null.
    • Ensured that the application no longer encounters null pointer exceptions in the mentioned scenario.

[FIXED] Reimport of view definitions for related relations

    • Fixed an issue preventing the reimport of view definitions containing related relations, ensuring smooth import without error messages.

[FIXED] Logical name property selection for mergers

    • Resolved an issue where the merger tool was using a random name property, instead of the intended property.
    • Fix will ensure to use the namegiving property of the first element during a merge, ensuring consistent and logical behavior in property selection.

[FIXED] Resolved null pointer exception in tasktrigger

    • Addressed an issue where the task system was encountering a null pointer exception when deleting a data source under certain circumstances.

[FIXED] Fixed upload issue with empty CSV files

    • Fix ensured a better error message for empty CSV file uploads, improved validation to accurately detect and handle empty files or attempts to upload relation files without corresponding element files, ensuring clearer guidance for users.

[FIXED] Improved CSV import for generalized data type “Text”

    • Modified the CSV connector to better handle mixed data types in columns, ensuring that it can generalize to the appropriate data type (Text) based on all values in a property’s column.
    • Improved consistency in data type inference, preventing issues where a strict data type (e.g., Number) appearing first would cause errors when less strict types (e.g., Text) appear later in the same column.

    Qbilon Version 2.1 (05-08-2024)

    15  |  32

    New features and enhancements

    [FEATURE] Enhanced linking: displaying all properties for linking

      • Enhanced usability by providing a comprehensive selection of properties, addressing scenarios where users need to link multiple types with uncertain property availability.
      • Enable selection of properties from all available options across selected types in the custom linker.
      • It will ignore element lacking certain properties, ensuring seamless integration with the backend’s capability.

    [FEATURE] UVexplorer File Importer enhancement: streamlined port list import functionality

      • Enhanced parsing capabilities for “portList” CSV files, ensuring accurate interpretation of headers and seamless representation of CSV rows.
      • Users can now import port lists with greater reliability and precision, reducing errors in data interpretation.
      • Users will experience improved accuracy in graph representation, ensuring a more comprehensive view of network topology and connectivity.

    [ENHANCEMENT] Update “Coming soon” status to “On demand” for connectors

      • Updated the status label of data sources from “Coming Soon” to “On Demand” to better reflect their availability status.
      • By changing the label to “On Demand,” users understand that these data sources are available upon request, aligning with their actual availability status. This also ensures transparency and accuracy in communication.

    [ENHANCEMENT] Introduced new default chart for PRTG connector

      • Introduced a new default chart showcasing statistics about used sensor types, providing immediate insights into sensor distribution and usage patterns.
      • Enhances utility for users, particularly existing PRTG users, by offering more relevant and actionable information aligned with their familiarity with sensor types.
      • Improves overall user experience by delivering more valuable insights, increasing user satisfaction and engagement with the platform.

    [ENHANCEMENT] Improved AWS import: customizable region filtering

      • This enhancement aims to address a limitation in the current AWS import functionality where all regions are considered without the option to limit them according to user preferences.
      • The proposed solution introduces a filter option during import, allowing users to specify only the relevant regions for integration into Qbilon. By incorporating a further select field in the importer, users gain the ability to explicitly select desired regions, aligning the import process with their specific requirements and preferences.
      • This enhancement is driven by customer feedback, providing a tailored solution to improve usability and efficiency within the AWS import feature of Qbilon.

    [ENHANCEMENT] Consider layer information when creating a container view

      • Considering enhanced layer information during container view creation, the enhancement delivers a more intuitive and coherent display of data, improving user understanding and usability.
      • Before this extension, child elements were randomly assigned to parent or child containers, leading to confusion in data presentation. Now, when determining the placement of child elements, the system prioritizes the mid layer if it exists in the hierarchy, aligning with user expectations for hierarchical structure.
      • Child elements with relations to both the mid and top parent are now consistently displayed in the mid element, meeting user expectations for deterministic data presentation.

    Bug fixes

    [FIXED] Negative numbers rejected when manually adding elements

      • Addressed an issue preventing users from manually adding elements with negative numbers in numeric properties.
      • Users can now input negative numbers without encountering validation errors.

    [FIXED] Group element sizes not minimized when collapsing in graph view

      • Resolved issue where collapsing group elements (containers) did not reduce their sizes as intended in the graph view.
      • Group element sizes now shrink appropriately when collapsed, enhancing visualization clarity and space utilization.

    [FIXED] Addition of hierarchy relations to standard views

      • Fixed the hierarchy relations within standard views, ensuring clarity and structure in visual representations, notably in views like AWS Security Group Accessibility View.

    [FIXED] Update of outdated links in tool

      • Updated links to ensure accessibility and relevance; disabled connectors linked to obsolete URLs directing users to non-existent content.

    [FIXED] Inability to change namegiving property in graph view

      • Implemented functionality to enable seamless modification of the namegiving property, reflecting changes in the displayed name.
      • Users can now efficiently update namegiving properties within the graph view, ensuring accurate element representation.

    [FIXED] Distinct values not displayed in dropdown for lists

      • Corrected the dropdown behavior to display only unique values within the list, enhancing usability and reducing clutter.
      • Implemented fix to ensure aligning with expected behavior and improving user experience.

    [FIXED] Multi-view import error resolved

      • This bug fix addresses an issue where random errors occurred during the import of multiple views, while importing a single view proceeded without any problems.
      • With this bug fix, users can now seamlessly import multiple views without encountering any errors, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted integration processes.

    [FIXED] Missing relation filters in table views

      • This bug fix addresses an issue where relation filters were absent when creating a table view over relations in the system. Users observed that despite selecting relations in the initial steps of table definition, the corresponding relation filters were not displayed as expected.
      • With this bug fix, users can now create table views over relations, as all selected relations will display their respective filters, ensuring clarity and accuracy in data representation.

    [FIXED] Password reset functionality restored

      • This bug fix resolves an issue where users were unable to change the passwords via the user tab within the system. With this bug fix implemented, users can once again reset the passwords seamlessly through the user tab.

    [FIXED] Persistent session after valid license activation

      • Addressed issue where users were automatically logged out after activating a new Qbilon instance with a valid activation code.
      • Ensured that users can seamlessly use Qbilon without the need for re-login after initialization.

    [FIXED] Fixed relation creation in Metamodel

      • Addressed issue preventing users from creating relations on the metamodel page.
      • Eliminated an exception thrown during the creation of new relations, enhancing the overall user experience.

    [FIXED] Resolved linker deletion issue and database synchronization

      • Rectified issue where deleting a linker caused exceptions and incomplete deletion.
      • Ensured proper deletion of linkers, now removing associated edges from the database and updating metamodel edge count accordingly.

    [FIXED] Improved error handling for ServiceNow connector

      • Fixed warning system for ServiceNow connector when users lack permissions to load custom tables.
      • Addressed error handling and log insufficient permission errors, ensuring smoother operation of the connector.

    [FIXED] Restored functionality for saved relation filter rules

      • Resolved issue where saved relation filter rules were not working after being saved.
      • Maintain functionality for activating and deactivating saved relation filter rules as expected.

    [FIXED] PRTG merger functionality across import scenarios

      • Fixed issue with PRTG merger failing after multiple imports, especially with CSV data.
      • Ensured consistent functionality of PRTG merger across all scenarios, including cases involving CSV imports.

    [FIXED] Update name giving attribute of edges

      • Resolved backend error preventing updates to name-giving attributes of edges.
      • Enabled functionality to modify name-giving attributes of edges as expected.

    [FIXED] Merger had several minor issues

      • Addressed multiple minor issues within the merger functionality.
      • Improved overall stability and performance of the merger feature.

    [FIXED] Scheduled task cannot be deactivated

      • Rectified issue preventing deactivation of scheduled tasks.
      • Scheduled tasks can now be deactivated without encountering any problem.

    [FIXED] Typo UV explorer file import

      • Modified connector name as specified on the website for improved consistency and clarity.

    [FIXED] Delete individual data source not working

      • Fixed issue with deleting individual data sources.
      • Users can now successfully delete single data sources as expected.

    [FIXED] Users can’t see view

      • Resolved issue preventing users from viewing content; users can now access views as intended.
      • Addressed the issue where users were unable to see views, restoring expected functionality.

    [FIXED] Two relation columns not possible in table view creation

      • Rectified issue preventing the creation of table views with two relation columns, users can now seamlessly create views as intended enabling a smooth creation of views.

      Qbilon Version 2.0.2 (04-15-2024)


      [HOTFIX] Restoring functionality of JSON Push connector

        • Resolved issue where the JSON Push connector was malfunctioning, resulting in a 401 exception.
        • Ensured that JSON data can be successfully sent to the backend as expected.

      [HOTFIX] Restoration of upsert functionality

        • Addressed critical issue where upsert functionality was non-functional.
        • This hotfix ensures that upsert operations now work as expected.

      [HOTFIX] Secure OIDC login authentication

        • Resolved issue where users could log in with any password when OIDC is enabled.
        • Implemented fix to ensure password validation is enforced during OIDC login authentication.

      [HOTFIX] Resolved merger error

        • Addressed issue where running a merger followed by a data source resulted in an exception.
        • Implemented fix to ensure smooth execution without exceptions during the mentioned process.

        Qbilon Version 2.0.1 (04-12-2024)


        [HOTFIX] Addressed critical issue rendering the JSON Push connector unusable

          • We resolved a critical issue with the JSON Push connector that rendered it unusable.
          • All running instances now remove their current non-functional JSON Push connectors, as they were not operational prior to this fix.
          • This update restores full functionality to the JSON Push connector, ensuring seamless operation for all users.

          Qbilon Version 2.0 (04-11-2024)

          4   |  12

          New features and enhancements

          [FEATURE] New database

            • Our development team has been working hard on optimizing Qbilon for high scalability. Since version 2.0, Qbilon now features a new PostgreSQL database, which requires significantly less resources and uses less memory.
            • With the new database, Qbilon is now capable of processing a significantly larger number of elements.

          [FEATURE] UV Explorer file importer

            • With this new data connector – which is currently only file based – is it possible to get the results from a layer 2 discovery with UV Explorer into Qbilon.
            • The data from UV Explorer enable to create a network map to visualize which device is connected to which switch via which port.
            • Mapping the data with, e.g. PRTG, it can be seen how much of the network is covered by a monitoring tool like PRTG.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] PRTG connector with non valid chars

            • PRTG allows characters that are not valid in the XML definition which can cause XML parsing to fail.
            • We’ve added filtering for those characters to ensure greater robustness when loading PRTG data sources.

          Qbilon Version 1.18 (03-07-2024)

          7   |  10

          New features and enhancements

          [ENHANCEMENT] Improved data source naming for Microsoft Entra ID

            • We addressed potential conflicts with other data sources by adopting a consistent naming scheme, mitigating side effects when importing elements with similar types.
            • Introduction of prefixes for Microsoft Entra ID data elements, ensuring clarity and distinction, e.g., “Group” is now named “Entra ID Group”.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] PRTG nullpointer

            • Fixed a bug that occurred when importing a PRTG data source that contained an empty PRTG probe without groups or devices.

          Additionally …

          [IMPROVEMENT] Database

            • Again, a lot of work has been done in the background to create a more efficient, high performance database that can load huge amounts of data. To give you an idea, here are a few numbers:
              • 1.639 tests have been written to avoid any issues with the new database.
              • 3.000.000 elements could be loaded into Qbilon without any problems.
            • The new database will be published with the next release.

          Qbilon Version 1.17 (02-07-2024)

          5   |   

          New features and enhancements

          [FEATURE] Performance improvements

            • With our latest update, we’ve been able to make significant improvements to our quality assurance (QA) processes, resulting in a noticeable increase in speed and reduction in storage space. Our main focus was optimizing Merger and Linker functions, resulting in an impressive 60% increase in speed.
            • The optimizations implemented in the Merger and Linker components have improved performance when handling large datasets. This includes significant reductions in both time and memory consumption during linking and merging operations.
            • Another notable achievement is the successful refinement of our database housekeeping processes. This improvement has resulted in a significant reduction in disk space usage, contributing to a leaner and more efficient storage system.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Enhanced K8S cost calculator accuracy and performance

            • Resolved issues causing negative costs for PODs, deployments, and namespaces in the “current month”, ensuring accurate calculations.
            • In addition, the performance has been optimized for a seamless transition between months.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] Corrected next execution time calculation on restart

            • The system now recalculates the relative next execution time immediately after a restart, ensuring that all connectors are correctly scheduled and executed as intended.
            • This fix addresses reliability concerns, ensuring consistent operation.

          [FIXED] Azure connector: connection timeout resolved

            • We addressed a critical issue where the Azure connector experienced timeouts while attempting to connect to management.azure.com. These connection timeouts have been eliminated, ensuring that the Azure connector operates within its expected time frame.
            • After applying the fix, no further timeouts were observed in both SaaS instances and local tests.

          [FIXED] Improved handling of PRTG connector for non-escaped characters

            • This fix ensures the stability and integrity of the PRTG connector, allowing for seamless parsing of XML responses.

          [FIXED] Updated “Last Seen” for relations

            • With this bugfix, the “Last Seen” properties are updated correctly.

          [FIXED] Tooltip format buggy for regex hint when creating constraints

            • We’ve successfully fixed a bug in the tooltip format for the regex hint during constraint creation, which was displaying with buggy HTML tags.
            • This fix improves the user experience by providing clear and properly formatted information while creating constraints.

          [FIXED] Wrong evaluation in custom element linker/merger

            • The fix ensures that evaluations now correctly encompass both specified attributes, aligning with our documentation and enhancing the reliability of data consolidation processes.

          Qbilon Version 1.16 (01-17-2024)

          9   |  13

          New features and enhancements

          [FEATURE] Enhanced PRTG data source with more data

            • We’ve expanded the PRTG data connector by incorporating additional valuable information, enriching the scope and depth of available data for your analysis.
            • Qbilon now offers the ability to import in-depth properties for analysis into:
              • all probes and groups
              • all devices within the probes and groups
              • all sensors with their respective primary measured values.

          [FEATURE] PRTG System Information data connector

            • The new connector allows you to retrieve the system information from PRTG for every device which is particularly valuable in scenarios involving other data sources, e.g. vSphere, as it provides important details such as system versions.

          [FEATURE] CMDB maintenance with automated export of element relationships to ServiceNow

            • In addition to automating the writing of all IT elements, you can now effortlessly write and update your relational data in Qbilon to ServiceNow.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Included changelog in documentation

            • Keep track of every change to our system. The changelog is now easily accessible in the handbook, empowering users to understand the evolution of our platform and the value each update brings.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Support for Azure Management Groups

            • For larger organizations with multiple Azure subscriptions, the need for efficient management becomes paramount. Hence, in this update this capability is extended to the tenant group level allowing users to also import Azure Management Groups.
            • For a complete understanding of Azure Management Groups, please refer to Microsoft’s official documentation: Azure Management Groups Overview.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] Wrong colors in chart preview

            • Resolved an issue where the colors in the chart preview were incorrect, ensuring an accurate and reliable visual representation of data.

          [FIXED] Unsorted dropdown menus in chart definition

            • Improved user experience by alphabetically sorting every unsorted dropdown menu in the chart definition, making it easier for users to locate and select options.

          [FIXED] PRTG merger icon

            • Users can now easily recognize and associate the PRTG merger with the updated icon, contributing to a more cohesive and memorable user experience.

          [FIXED] Wrong calculated next execution time

            • Addressed and rectified the issue causing inaccuracies in the calculation of the next execution time.

          [FIXED] Wrong expiration message

            • The fix ensures that the license expiration banner reflects the correct information, eliminating any confusion or misrepresentation. This means users will receive timely accurate alerts about license renewals, helping them to manage their resources more effectively.

          [FIXED] Error when upserting a graph with wrong naming attribute

            • When the name giving attribute doesn’t exist, the qbilon ID is used.
            • Now, the name giving attribute changes with the strategy based element/relation updater.
            • Therefore, we now can update the name giving attribute.

          [FIXED] Add element list is unsorted

            • The fix contributes to a more efficient editing workflow as dropdown lists in edit mode are now sorted alphabetically, thereby reducing the time spent and searching for specific options.

          [FIXED] Creating additional color rules in tables fails

            • When adding a new color rule within an existing table view, the rule can be saved, modified or deleted now.
            • Furthermore, existing rules can be modified.
            • Therefore, colorings (“per cell” or “whole row”) no longer produce errors and creating additional rules doesn’t cause any unexpected issues.

          Additionally …

          [IMPROVEMENT] Database

            • The majority of services have now been successfully migrated to the new database. 

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          Qbilon Version 1.15 (12-07-2023)

          11  |  13

          New features and enhancements

          [FEATURE] Write to ServiceNow’s database

            • The “ServiceNow Writer” is designed to automate the process of transferring data collected, merged and consolidated in Qbilon back into the ServiceNow database.
            • This feature improves the completeness and integrity of all information on IT assets and their dependencies in ServiceNow.
            • The “ServiceNow Writer” can be configured to write back specific asset types at a scheduled interval and in the format preferred by the user.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Update user handbook

            • The documentation for our software has been fundamentally revised and brought up to date.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] Relation labels toggle fails when opening containers

            • The relation labels toggle setting is now applied when navigating through containers, especially when the default view is set with “activated relation labels”.
            • The behaviour is consistent throughout the graph. Either all relation labels are displayed or none.

          [FIXED] Editing, saving, and deleting color rules do not work for relations

            • Color rules for relations can be edited, saved, and deleted in the same manner as for elements.

          [FIXED] LUY merger does not merge elements with the same IP address

            • Server and infrastructure elements having the same IP address are consolidated.
            • IP addresses are only used for merging when the information is deemed “new” (as within the server merger).

          [FIXED] The Darktrace connector generates errors when triggered at lengthy time intervals

            • The Darktrace connector is now functional at both short and long intervals.

          [FIXED] Slow loading times occur when using the color picker in chart views

            • The data preview does not undergo recalculation when the color changes.
            • The color picker can now be used smoothly without excessive loading times.

          Additionally …

          [IMPROVEMENT] Database

            • The migration of the database remains one of the main focuses in development, leading to several updates occurring outside of the Qbilon application and not being reflected in the changelog.
            • Tremendous strides have been accomplished with the successful implementation and testing of the initial services.

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          Qbilon Version 1.14 (11-02-2023)

          30  |   16

          New features and enhancements

           [FEATURE] JSON Push Connector

            • The JSON Push data connector facilitates loading and storing data in Qbilon, without requiring a pre-configured data source. Its versatile “push” interface seamlessly transfers data into Qbilon, enabling storage, merging, and analysis of relevant information from all your existing systems in one tool.

           [ENHANCEMENT] Type filters in context views

            • Qbilon now offers the ability to filter elements by type in the element search field for context views.

           [ENHANCEMENT] Extension of linker and merger conditions

            • Linker and merger conditions have increased expressiveness thanks to an editable dropdown field for the “Operator”. The Operator dropdown offers the following options for selection: [equals, contains, contained in, smaller than, greater than, smaller than or equal to, greater than or equal to, intersects with]. The default value is “equals”.
            • These operators undergo evaluation based on the logic as defined here.

           [ENHANCEMENT] New color scheme for standard views

            • All default colors in the Azure, AWS, vSphere, PRTG and Darktrace standard views now conform to a specified color palette.

           [ENHANCEMENT] License notifications

            • There are notifications for all types of users warning about the expiry of the license/activation.
            • Furthermore, there will be a notification if the limit of the maximum numbers of elements will be reached soon.

           [ENHANCEMENT] Renaming of “Azure AD” to “Entra ID”

            • Azure AD has been renamed as Azure Entry ID (formerly Azure AD) throughout Qbilon.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Improved PRTG connector

            • The PRTG data connector now includes data from a wider range of PRTG sensors.
            • In addition to NetFlow, Qbilon can now process data from Juniper devices (jFlow) and industry standards such as HPE, Arista and Fortinet (sFlow).
            • Qbilon now also captures the top talkers of the following sensor types in addition to NetFlow sensors:
              • IPFIX
              • IPFIX (Custom)
              • JFlow v5
              • JFlow v5 (Custom)
              • NetFlow v5
              • NetFlow v5 (Custom)
              • NetFlow v9
              • NetFlow v9 (Custom)
              • sFlow
              • sFlow (Custom)
              • Packet Sniffer Sensor

           [ENHANCEMENT] “Delete All” function in the admin area

            • The “Delete All” button has been removed from the “data sources and data consolidation” view.
            • Instead, adminstrators of Qbilon can now perform a “Software Reset” in the “Advanced” tab found within the settings page. This reset will require confirmation in an additional dialog.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] Wrong sorting of number values in charts

            • Sorting in chart views now follows the same implementation as table views, meaning no string ordering is applied. Instead, sorting is based on integer/float values.

          [FIXED] Setting a default view does not update the preview image when switching views

            • The preview image is now set correctly when switching views.

          [FIXED] Relations between Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Network Interfaces are missing

            • The relation is now accurately shown in the meta model.

          [FIXED] When modifying the name of an element in a view, it will not appear as a suggested search result

            • The new name will now immediately appear in the search field after updating the element’s name.

          [FIXED] The JSON connector cannot handle lists of properties. Also, multiple JSONs cannot be uploaded at once

            • The JSON connector now enables users to upload multiple JSON files at once and supports lists of primitive properties.

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          Qbilon Version 1.13 (09-07-2023)

          30  |   10

          New features and enhancements

          [FEATURE] New connector: ADOIT

            • The latest version of ADOIT, v16.0, has been released by the BOC Group this year.
            • With Qbilon Ultimate, users can now import data from this Enterprise Architecture Management tool in Qbilon and connect it with data from other data sources.

          [FEATURE] Improved license management

            • As a customer, you can now activate, reactivate or upgrade your Qbilon Ultimate instance independently.
              • If a license has not been obtained yet, an initial license activation page will appear when starting the Qbilon application, where you can import a license file.
              • If your license has expired, you will be redirected to a page to reactivate it, where you can import a new license file.
              • Additionally, you can update or upgrade your existing license anytime through “Settings” -> “Update License”.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Editable namegiving property after creation of elements or relations

            • If in edit mode, the namegiving property is editable by clicking on the property name.
            • An autocomplete field will display all available property values and their corresponding names for proposals.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Prefixes for Azure resources

            • To improve recognition of Azure resources, we now label “Remaining Resource”, “Log Analytics Workspace”, “API Management Service” and “Front Door” with the prefix “Azure”.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Removed “Blob Storage” from Azure Import

            • “Azure Blob Storage” has been removed from the Azure Importer and the standard views included in the Azure connector.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Include AWS account information

            • Qbilon now retrieves account information from AWS and is able to associate each AWS resource with the corresponding account.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Load license from file

            • Instead of providing the license in the frontend or with a POST to a secured license endpoint, it can now be read from a file.
            • The license file is called “qb.license”.
            • There is a new env “QB_LICENSE_FOLDER” which defines the license folder.

          [ENHANCEMENT] Larger icons for elements

            • The size of an icon when using the “Icon” element style is now set to 48×48 pixels.

          Bug fixes

          [FIXED] Unnecessary “Missing analysis rules” hint in graph and table views

            • The hint “There are no analysis rules defined. Add rules by editing this view in the ‘Views’ section.” only appears when the analysis rule set is empty.

          [FIXED] Missing “No elements to show” dialog for table and chart views

            • When opening a view that doesn’t show any asset instances, i.e., no elements, the message “There are no elements to show, because there are either no element instances anymore or the current filter selection hides all elements.” appears.
            • The hint appears for all types of views, i.e., graph, table and chart views.

          [FIXED] Relation labels in graph views are not updated immediately

            • When editing relation names in graph views, the respective labels are updated immediately after saving.

          [FIXED] Incorrect selection in color change dialog during view creation

            • If you change the color of an element during graph view definition and then try to change the color of another element, the color of the first element is not preselected in the color picker dialog.

          Additionally …

           [IMPROVEMENT] Database

            • We are currently working on the integration of a new database to make Qbilon even more powerful in large IT environments.
            • This improvement will be done mostly in the background, but we will provide updates on the progress from time to time.

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