Architecture mining

Explore your data treasures and use them to optimize your daily business. By combining already available data from different sources, Qbilon enables you to generate large overview pictures of your architecture at different layers of abstraction. This allows you to gain maximum transparency by showing you which assets exists and how they are connected.

Architecture mining –

automated data import & powerful fusion strategies

Make use of already existing data sources

Connect Qbilon with already existing software tools of your company. They can, e.g., provide operational data from monitoring tools as well as already captured processes and organizational information. The more data sources you connect the better the quality of the resulting architecture model will be.

Connect data to create one coherent architecture model

To make the best out of your existing data, it’s vital to connect different information sources with each other. By detecting dependencies, you get comprehensive knowledge about your overall architecture.

For example, connecting a server not only with an application’s name but with the whole application context, allows you to link this server with an application owner. So instead of looking for information in different tools, there is only one single source for the connected data.

Finally make use of your data

Create reports, validate your governance rules, ensure security guidelines, monitor your costs and much more. The flexible view mechanism adapts to your company’s data sources and enables you to analyze the data according to your specific needs.

Architecture mining – automated architecture documentation

Transparency about existing assets and their dependencies is crucial to master your daily business. In case of an outage, you want to know who is affected and where the root cause lies. And you don’t want to wait days until the outage is fixed. Considering future planning, it is important to know how the actual state really is and what side effects could occur. Without knowing your current situation, you cannot monitor and assess risks. For covering these scenarios, a comprehensive documentation of the current IT architecture is the best foundation. But you can only rely on it if the architecture is up-to-date, complete and consistent. And this is exactly what Architecture mining provides.

Benefits of architecture mining with Qbilon

Less documentation effort

Reduce the time spent by your employees with  IT documentation. Get rid of tedious manual data entry and maintenance once and for all.

More time for the essential work

With your architecture documentation created and updated automatically, you finally have time for core tasks and innovative work.

Increased data quality

Automatic capturing ensures that data used for reports and views is always complete, consistent and up to date.

Improved coverage

Since data is captured automatically, there is no risk of missing any assets. And you can always add data sources to further enrich the model.

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What can I use the data for?

Architecture mining is the basis for all use cases. Enabled by automatic data import and powerful data fusion strategies, it allows the generation of a complete and always up-to-date architecture model.

Architecture Management

Support projects and transformations with up-to-date data about dependencies.

Cloud Cost Management

Find unused or oversized resources and optimize the costs incurred by your IT landscape.

Cloud Visibility

Increase the transparency in your cloud landscape with Qbilon.

Continuous Reporting

Easily create custom reports that are automatically kept up-to-date.

IT Governance

Automate the monitoring of goals, risks, policies and architecture patterns.

Security Management

Identify security weaknesses, monitor existing security risks and find hidden vulnerabilities.